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Wide Arable

February 19, 2010


With mutual consent “Angry” Anderson pitted II/80a Attila’s Huns (Huns) against “Fighting Mad” McGuire’s III/3 Italian Ostrogothic (IOs) on a wide board. This means it is standard depth but 33% wider than standard. What this means in practical terms is that if a mobile army wants to utilize its flanks, it can, and an army […]

Death in the Wald

February 19, 2010


This classic match-up between II/56 Early Imperial Romans (EIR) and II/47e Early German Cherusci (EGe) was played out between “Ecdicius” McLaren and “Angry” Anderson. To cut a long story short Ecdicius squandered some of the best PIPs rolled to fall ignominiously 2-4 before Anderson’s EGes.

Wrath of Caledonia

February 16, 2010


The second game, this one between “Fighting Mad” McGuire’s II/56 Early Imperial Romans (EIR) and “Ecdicius” McLaren’s II/60 Caledonians (Cals).

Hittites Hate Hittites

February 10, 2010


Thus spake Elder Hittite: yea, the younger generation doth mock us for being driven forth from our southern cities. Let us summon our strong men and our chariots and give them a pasting. And hearing of this, thus spake Younger Hittite: the unshakeable destiny of the Hittite is to be an Empire. Let the Empire […]

Battle of Black River

February 6, 2010


“Fighting Mad” McGuire, general for Scots Common and “Angry” Anderson, general for Later Sargonid Assyrians face off across arable terrain. An obvious match-up!?  Not surprisingly Assyrians are aggressors and McGuire chooses a defensive, choked-up board favoring his pikes and warbands. The terrain was selected on a “removal” basis which is a variant speeding up terrain stage for […]