Hittites Hate Hittites

Posted on February 10, 2010


Thus spake Elder Hittite: yea, the younger generation doth mock us for being driven forth from our southern cities. Let us summon our strong men and our chariots and give them a pasting.

And hearing of this, thus spake Younger Hittite: the unshakeable destiny of the Hittite is to be an Empire. Let the Empire be born.

So one day, on an arable terrain containing a road, two forests, and a steep hill, the two generals went to war.

The “earlier” of the two Hittite armies appears on the DBA list as I/16, Hittite Old and Middle Kingdom, referred to here as OMK. OMK have a couple of nifty choices: if the terrain is really cluttered they can drop their (non-General) LCh and use Sp; and if they want lots of Sp they can swap their Bd for yet another Sp.

The “later” of the two is DBA list army I/24, Hittite Empire, referred to here as HE. They have an early option with 4xLCh and a later version with 3xHCh and 1 LCh. The b list is the one fielded here.

Although HE have Ag2 and OMK have Ag3 it’s HE that come up with the higher total. OMK deploy:

followed by HE deployment, after which OMK keep their original choice of deployment.

During the first few moves it became evident that HE were playing a deep, fake-out game whereby a central column of Sp were moved up to screen their right, while the HCh dropped back in order to shuttle left along the road then take a swing at the OMK right. Inevitably this did not go as planned, mainly because HCh are just not nippy enough.

So what was the OMK doing? after a fast start pushing Ps well forward on his left, doing little more than sitting at the channels created by the forests, and waiting for the moment to commit his LChGen. He did send the LCh right to cover the far flank.

As the HE center shifted towards his left, the OMK plan became clear: use a very small force to hold right, and keep switching forces over to beat the HE on rough ground. OMK was using 3xs  against HE 2xPs and this became a critical edge as all OMK Ps were eventually committed to the steep hill.

By Turn 10, OMK had turned the HE right and HE had still not closed on the OMK right.

Fighting was intense during Turn 11, but HE had at least pushed well forward on the left.

Juggling Ps shrewdly, OMK avoided the heavy-hitting HCh guarding open ground and continued nibbling away at HE’s right.

HE on the other hand had the misfortune of losing a very easy contest on the left where OMK’s LCh repulsed a twin assault from HCh and LCh.

By the end of Turn 13 HE had a clear victory in sight on the left, but had lost too many elements on the right.

Turn 14 was hard-fought but combat rolls went the way of OMK and there were no legendary defences allowing HE to grab the OMK base camp. A hard-fought and cagey game, victory to OMK 4-3.