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Wheels across the Sands II

March 20, 2010


The second match featured Angry Anderson’s Hittite Empire (2xPs, no Hd) vs Fighting Mad McGuire’s NKE(a). Naturally Fighting Mad defended the Pyramid end of the board, meaning the dune was on his right while the aggressor Angry’s right was protected by the extensive strip of rocky outcrop. He chose to use this as a complete […]

Wheels across the Sands

March 17, 2010


Ecdicius, Angry Anderson and Fighting Mad McGuire met for a “staged board” match-up. The board, 20 elements wide and deep, was completely neutral with bad going in approximately reverse-mirror-image positions from either camp. While camps were not fixed absolutely there was no reason to shift them from the center line. So on either general’s right […]