Wheels across the Sands

Posted on March 17, 2010


Ecdicius, Angry Anderson and Fighting Mad McGuire met for a “staged board” match-up. The board, 20 elements wide and deep, was completely neutral with bad going in approximately reverse-mirror-image positions from either camp. While camps were not fixed absolutely there was no reason to shift them from the center line. So on either general’s right would be a longish strip of BG – dune for one, rough rocks for the other. On either’s left would be a smallish steep hill.

Most of the terrain was fashioned from cork tile, which looks good as a makeshift desert but unfortunately doesn’t show up very easily on the photos!

The theme of the match-up was Chariots, the more the better. Game 1 was Ecdicius (Hyksos(b) with 4 LCh) against Angry (NKE(a) with 4LCh). Game 2 was Angry (Hittite Empire with 3HCh and 1 LCh) against Fighting Mad (NKE as above).

Match 1: Hyksos(b) v New Kingdom Egyptions (a)

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