Wheels across the Sands II

Posted on March 20, 2010


The second match featured Angry Anderson’s Hittite Empire (2xPs, no Hd) vs Fighting Mad McGuire’s NKE(a).
Naturally Fighting Mad defended the Pyramid end of the board, meaning the dune was on his right while the aggressor Angry’s right was protected by the extensive strip of rocky outcrop. He chose to use this as a complete defence of his right, setting up in the center and left, even though Fighting Mad had signalled something on the Hittite right with his initial deployment.

After a bit of a swap had moved two LCh to the NKE left. Fighting Mad advanced a Bw onto the dune, to guard against Angry’s loosely-coordinated left (1 Lch and 2Ps) while rapidly advancing the two LCh as though to sweep right round the rocks.
However, it was a larger size board and both generals were aware that extended flanking movements can break down completely. As Angry’s double-ranked Sp and HCh firmed up in the center, it was no great surprise that the NKE LCh wheeled sharply in to menace the Sp on their right.
Meanwhile the NKE reserve of a LCh moved right, perhaps to offer another option should the Hittite Ps skirmish the Bw off the dune and allow the LCh to get by. Disappointingly (from this spectator’s seat) that flank never got going. Angry’s Ps allowed their main battle line to make most of the running, so the NKE were able to use their Bw to menace the HCh.
The enemies got to grips on the Hittite center-right, where the NKE LCh swooped in on a lone Sp, sadly not quite co-ordinated with the NKE main battle line. In hindsight probably the decisive moment: for the Sp (not surprisingly) easily resisted the LCh and Angry sent his HCh and Sp crashing forward! The HChGen scored a decisive breakthrough and his supporting HCh did likewise. That cost the NKE 2 Bd and a Ps so things looked very grim for Fighting Mad!
Fortunately for dignity and the honour of the 18th dynasty Fighting Mad’s NKE LChGen took advantage of the slightly open Hittite line, using a Bw to close the gate on a double-ranked Sp and taking them, and the other NKE Bw hosed the detached HCh with effective fire, destroying it.
The battle evenly balanced 3:3, the Hittite Sp battling the NKE LCh doubled their opponents, chasing the LCh off the board. Sigh of relief from Angry Anderson and game over! Hittite Empire beat NKE, 4-3.