Wheels Across the Sands III

Posted on April 29, 2010


After much delay I have finally found time to write up this, the third of the “Same board, lots of chariots” themed trio of games. This game took place between Ecdicius (that is, myself) commanding the Hittite Empire (a) option, and Fighting Mad McGuire, commanding the Hyksos (b) option. So normally one would expect a slight edge for the Hyksos, with a core of 4 Bd and plenty of bad ground support, against the Hittites’ 6 Sp and 2 Ps. Both sides are even with chariotry, four each including the General.

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Bearing in mind the board remained the same as the previous two matches, and both generals had had a good look at the terrain, deployment was routine and predictable. The Hittites stacked up their right with two LCh, and tucked the LChGen behind the double-ranked Sp, while Hyksos pretty much mirrored this. Fighting Mad left his Ps supporting behind the Bd (at the time, I thought it was so as not to signal where he was skirmishing but it turned out he thought they would help against Sp – he then shifted them right).

The game really developed from a couple of turns in. How fast each flank moved compared to the main battle line, how the flanks were defended, and how quickly the sneaky switcharoo I pulled would be completed, were the main questions.

My Hittite Sp stood remarkably firm against the all-out attack from the Bd who, supported by their Ax element, advanced right into my killing zone. I held a couple of Sp elements off to secure the flanks and used my LChGen and spare Ps to do the killing. As he could see only a slow death in front of him once the first Bd fell, Fighting Mad chose to commit his own LChGen into a closed-gate combat, and the game ended 2G:0 to me.

Final note: this is the first time I’ve used slideshow rather than static gallery. Let me know if you prefer one or other!