Scythians v Attila’s Huns

Posted on July 7, 2010


The first wargame scheduled since I finished the Scythians had to give them a run, and I really wanted LH v LH, on a large-board format. So “Angry” Anderson kindly agreed to play the Huns. He did however choose the Attila option.


Terrain and DeploymentEcdicius wins the defender roll and sets up absolutely minimal steppe terrain. Angry’s face falls as he views a vast expanse of nothing, punctuated by a small gentle hill (well off to one side), a gentle hill right on one edge, and a small patch of rough, in an odd spot. But he courteously says nothing, and rolls the relatively open board edge as his base edge.


Ecdicius sets the Scythian camp well away from the rough: Angry sets his camp in the center, since he has a completely clear field!Ecdicius deploys into three clumps, with the majority around his LHGen on the right. Angry adopts a line, with his foot on his left ready to use the flank hill and rough.


Turn 1Huns roll a mean 2 (a bit of a theme for him in this game) and roll forward in line. In response Scythians score a 6 (also a bit of a theme in this game) and race in all directions!

Hun line rolls forward

Scythians move in all directions!

This is a close-up of the Scythian right’s rapid move:

Scythians on right flank split to begin envelopment


Turn 2
Huns roll another 2, this time electing to advance LH center and foot at right. (Apologies for the shot, the flash did not go off.)


Huns push forward in center

Scythians roll another 6, zipping the left around ready to pounce on stray foot, keeping with columns to the center, moving LHGen close enough to the left not to get out of touch, and wheeling onto the gentle hill on right.


Scythians continue envelopment


Turn 3Rolling a 3, Huns wheel left flank round to teach the cheeky blighters presenting their flank on the gentle hill, while advancing foot and command group to lend some security to their center.


Huns wheel on left, and advance to support center

In response Scythians roll a 2, whipping from L-shaped group to line on the gentle hill.


Scythians adjust their gentle hill force


Turn 4Huns roll a sweet 5, charging the gentle-hill Scythians, reinforcing those LH with one from the command group, while closing up their line fully, and choosing to cheekily parade the Ps right under the Scythian left-flank LH’s nose.


Huns close up line, charge on left, cheekily advance Psiloi on right

Here’s the detail of the left-flank moves:


Hun left-flank charge

Combat: and it went badly for the Huns, losing their left-most element while not claiming any in return.


Horrors! Huns lose left-most element

In response Scythians roll an even sweeter 6. Naturally they attack the Psiloi, shifting an element even further left, so as to provide for trouble later. On the right, a side-slip here and a shimmy there and a charge gains a good enveloping overlap on the Hun left.


Detail of left flank attack


Detail of right flank attack

Combat: a painful reminder that Psiloi usually perform better than they have any right to do! But on the Scythian right the envelopment reaps its just reward.


Ouch! Psiloi proves to have equipped with machine guns!


A nice envelopment nets its reward


Turn 5
The Huns, needing quite a high roll to be able to pull something together, roll a 1. The left-flank LH charge again, where a good 2:1 overlap offers again, and again lose another element.


Huns lose another LH on left


Huns charge left desperately

Scythians roll a nice 4, reinforcing failure on the left by swooping on the Ps again, while swarming all over the lone Hun LH on the right.


Scythians swoop on Ps again


Three LH envelop the lone Hun left

The combat dice were pro-Scythian on both flanks, and Scythians take Ps and LH to wrap up the game.


Ps out of ammo, falls


Enveloped Hun LH falls


A full-board shot to show final dispositions: in summary probably the luckiest I have ever rolled over 5 turns, a great debut for my Scythians! But fortune is ever fickle as you will learn if you tune in next time…

Final disposition Scythians v Huns

Shot of Full Board end of game