Scythians v Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonids

Posted on July 11, 2010


The second match-up Angry Anderson and I played the same afternoon, this one a more historical confrontation between Assyrian and Scythian. Angry scored the defender role and laid the board out with a forest, a road near one edge, and a huge steep hill. I cost myself the game having taken him to 3:0 then with a careless move put myself into his hands.

Scythian Ps to hill crest, LH concentrate to right

Assyrian view of Scythian opening move

Opening Assyrian move

All seems well for the Scythians as their mighty opponents advance on a broad front, cavalry on their left, mobile foot heading for the great hill, spears to the center supported by chariots and a psiloi. Knowing one could not count on unlimited 6s the Scythians began their “great sweep right” quite early on. The plan, which worked near-perfectly, was to leave a couple of LH screening the center and ready to snap up easy targets, ignore the left, advance foot to control the great hill, and sweep the remaining 6LH plus LHGen around the right, essentially moving their “front” onto the Assyrian left and relying on the slow arrival of the remainder of the Assyrians to permit a win.

Leaving 2LH as screen, Scythian mounted move right

Early stages of Assyrian advance

Assyrian Cv wheel to screen the left

Foot holding hill, screen in place, mass of LH advance on right

Foot and Cv fall back as the threat becomes imminent

Scythian front spreads the net

Net spread, it is flung around the Assyrian flank

Ponderous repositioning leaves Ps vulnerable

Near-perfect, but a couple of low rolls meant that only one Cv had been snapped up by the time the Assyrians changed their front round. Ironically it was the two screening LH in the center that scored heavily, nabbing a Ps and QK on Sp.

Screening LH and LHGen advance

HChGen finally gets clear of center, while Sp advance further

Zip! Zap! Exposed Ps is under attack and Assyrian left is surrounded

Combat: Ps taken and Assyrian right in peril

A horrid 1 is rolled, Sp charge LH

...they really got what they deserved!

Time to get those Cv before the HChGen arrives!

The first Cv falls

(My first ever LH on Sp QK! and a well-worked envelopment on the right! So being 3:0 up you’ll appreciate I was extremely confident at this point!)
Assyrians did what they could, holding on with 1Cv 2Ax and a Ps while the HChGen rumbled forward.

Assyrian Ps-supported Ax push forward

Good results for Assyria

Then, needing a modestly good PIP die roll to bring the foot down and wrap around the now-assembling Assyrians and/or penetrate around their right, Scythians rolled a 3. Not enough to move the foot and attack. Enough to attack a vulnerable Ps tucked behind the last Sp. Enough to surround the last Cv, even though the HChGen was right on hand.

Fateful Turn 10: fortune reverses here and backs out over the family cat

The fateful decision made, Scythian LH surround the last Cv. Combat: Scythians suck!

Chaaarge!! the HChGen is finally here to save the day!

Flight and pursuit

A series of 1:6s and 1:5s swiftly followed, reducing the two sides to 3:3 parity! Finally, the onslaught of HChGen supported by the hardy Cv ended the match 4:3 in favour of Assyria.

Attacking the Ps behind the Sp - should have been done in Turn 10!

Scythian LH crushed by HChGen

and Ps throws back LH

The Assyrian mobile foot – Ax supported by Ps – were by this time doing great things. They relieved the pressure on the remaning Cv and forced the Scythians onto the back foot, or hoof as it were.

Sensing the turn of fortune Assyrians advance hotly

And the gamble pays off! Parity is gained!

Trying to lure Assyrian foot was a hopeless endeavour

Plenty of PIPs and HChGen and Cv go on to finish the job

Well done Angry Anderson for re-positioning to the flank and pulling out some great combat results at the death!
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