IWC 2011

Posted on February 25, 2011


Although things didn’t work out for me – meaning that I wasn’t able to enter the IWC 2011 as I had intended – I visited today as a spectator. The DBA tables are right down the back of Shed 11. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Davies – whose excellent blog is an inspiration – and watched a very very close friendly match he was having. He invited me to a friendly. I fielded Graeco-Bactrians – a new side to me though the combination of Pk, Ax and Kn was reasonably familiar – against Mark’s Later Carthaginians. We had fun doing crazy stuff. Generals were committed, Ellies used as flank runners, LH used to swipe Ellies. I managed to win 4:3, which was a bonus. Thanks Mark, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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