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Early Bedouin(c) v Early Hebrews: Reverse Match 2

March 30, 2011


Game 2 In this the second of the reverse match games, my Early Bedouin (c) played defender against the Hebrew invaders. I laid the bad ground out fairly evenly around the centre of the board but with broad gaps between opposite bad goings so the wily Hebrews could not scoot between each in a single move. A dune […]

Early Bedouin(c) v Early Hebrews: Reverse Match 1

March 28, 2011


My last completed project – which seems a long time ago now – was the (c) version for early Bedouin. I proposed a set-piece where they would have two games against the Early Hebrews, one defending one attacking. The only difference to rulebook is that the aggressor is known beforehand for each game. Game 1: […]