Early Bedouin(c) v Early Hebrews: Reverse Match 1

Posted on March 28, 2011


My last completed project – which seems a long time ago now – was the (c) version for early Bedouin. I proposed a set-piece where they would have two games against the Early Hebrews, one defending one attacking. The only difference to rulebook is that the aggressor is known beforehand for each game.

Game 1: Hebrews Defend

My opponent “Angry” Anderson laid terrain out with one end dominated by a large steep hill, so I went for that end and got it. His deployment favored a mass foot attack along his left, with 3 Ps strung out to distract my left and a 4th Ps guarding the rear gate to his camp. My response was to accept a foot matchup – in which my Ps and Ax would be slightly weaker – relying on my Camelry to get the job done.

Things began to really hot up once he showed his hand, which was to pull the Ps over to support his main attack while leaving a minimum force to hold off my Camelry. I brought up Ps to help infiltrate his flank defenses. Eventually I was successful though I did get a huge hand from a “flee” result that put a Cm element within a move of his camp.

Here’s the story shot by shot: I haven’t shown much of the foot fight because it was a real slog with no casualties on either side.

Deployment: Bedouin at left, Hebrews at right. Note Woods (left fore) are removed for movement.In the early stages the Hebrew Ps slip away as Bedouin camelry advance

Hebrew Ps in strong defensive position (Woods are removed for movement)

Bedouin LCm are checked and wait their chance

Hebrew foot advances in united fashion

The Bedouin left reforms with Ps supporting Cm

A view from the Bedouin left flank

Bedouin Ax and Ps vs Hebrew Ax and Wb: this slugs on through the rest of the game

Looking for gaps, Bedouin put pressure on the dispersed Hebrew flank

Hebrew Auxilia form a flank unit on their General

The Bedouin get in the Hebrews' faces

The Bedouin mount an aggressive attack

The Bedouin get a result: a key gap opens near the Hebrew General

Hebrew skirmishers swarm against Camelry

The Hebrew skirmishers fail to bring down the Camelry

The opportunity arises and the Bedoiun attack

Butt-of-death takes one from each side

Hebrews struggle to contain the situation

The Hebrews do their best to ward them off but the Bedouin are infiltrating

Bedouin surround the Hebrew General and cover off other support

The Hebrews turn and charge their tormentors!

The Bedouin Ps falls and the Camelry flee, but the Bedouin prepare to strike back!

It's an opportunist attack at even odds, and the camp is taken!

Thoroughly surrounded the last Hebrew falls: Ebed(c) win 6(Camp):2

This was a long and absorbing game. Although the end result made it seem as though the Bedouin had it all over the Hebrews, it really wasn’t the case. The Hebrew foot dominated the defending Bedouin foot but simply never quite stacked up a kill. The Bedouin could barely use their superior mobility because the Hebrews used the rough along the central part of the board very intelligently.