Early Bedouin(c) v Early Hebrews: Reverse Match 2

Posted on March 30, 2011


Game 2

In this the second of the reverse match games, my Early Bedouin (c) played defender against the Hebrew invaders. I laid the bad ground out fairly evenly around the centre of the board but with broad gaps between opposite bad goings so the wily Hebrews could not scoot between each in a single move. A dune and an oasis were opposite, and a broad stretch of rough ground stood opposite a steep hill. Angry Anderson decided to try for the bad ground and succeeded.


Deployment view from behind Hebrew lines.

My defensive deployment was actually geared to an aggressive start: why not, since I was on my own terrain and had definitely “won” the terrain stage. The Hebrews would have a lot of work to do to get into a battle line or cross into my terrain. I planned not to let them.

The view from behind Hebrew lines: Bedouin camelry moving at full pace

As you can see the 1st Turn bounds were more satisfactory for me than for Angry. Having  occupied the bad ground he had a lot of work in front of him to get into a dominant position, whereas my camelry were free to blast down both flanks. And they did.

Still moving at full pace the LCm sweeps up the flank.

Seeing the danger, Angry zipped a Ps back into camp (if we had bothered putting CF on the board they would then have been lost) and began re-shuffling his left. I saw no point in hanging about and kept racing forward on my left.

The LCm pounce, supported by Cm

I used the superior mobility of the LCm to swing right round and force the Ps to turn out of bad ground when contacted. With Cm moving up to flank I thought my chances were pretty good.

No heroics for the lone Ps who is swept away.

In many battles a Legendary Psiloi emerges, holding off attacks at ridiculous odds. Not so here: the road to the enemy rear lay open.

Hebrew left reforms quickly to deal with the "marking" camelry

Angry reformed his left in quick order, making a bold decision to attack the camelry in the open.

A big win for the Hebrew foot: they destroy the Bedouin camelry threatening their left

Boldness paid off with the Bedouin camelry doubled and destroyed! This was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for me and evened the score 1-all. 

Bedouin camelry attack the Hebrew camp: they score a "hold"

Looping the camelry around the LCm I  attacked the Hebrew camp. My LCm hovered further back, but close enough so no reinforcement could attempt to sweep the Cm away.

Hebrews surge forward to drive off the LCm but the camp is still under attack

Yes, it was all on! My flanking movement had worked but the Hebrews were getting back in numbers!

Final combat: the Hebrews put the LCm to flight but cannot save their camp.

As you can see in this shot the Hebrews never got all of their force out of the bad ground, and even then, a lot of it was to frantically fall back in defence. My attack on the camp succeeded, taking the defending Ps out. We had to double-check the rulebook since apart from the camp, elements lost were even. The camp counts as 2 lost immediately. Early Bedouin (c) beat Early Hebrews 4(camp):2