Assyrians v Bedouin (1)

Posted on May 1, 2011


After the long-sufferng Early Hebrews were rubbed out by my Early Bedouin (c) in the previous two games, I really wanted to try them against tougher opposition. What better than the Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonids?

Here’s a summary of the first battle:

My Bedouin defending, I stuck with the exact same board as last time. My opponent “Angry” commanding the Assyrians, seized ground that I would have preferred, and I had an enormous expanse of broken ground at my center.

Angry found that end quite a challenge: he left the Hd as a blocker against a camp raid, kept his HChGen back in reserve behind his center, placed a couple of Ps on the right ready to head into the oasis, and his mobile strike units on the left. The center was the real problem: Ax on the steep hill ready to move in column, and a Sp-Sp-Ps column nearby ready to expand out, seemed the best compromise.

I had decided to let the broken ground act as a giant minefield protecting my camp. I split my force into two: after my swapsie, the LCm, CmGen and half the foot were on the left facing the oasis, and the two Cm and the remaining half of the foot were on my right ready to use the dune to block the aggressive Assyrian left.

The early PIPs favored me, by far. Angry rolled a 1, 2, 2 while I rolled a 4, 4, 4. I was able to secure a nice forward defense with my left, drop a surplus Ps into the rough to pin down any intrusion from the Assyrian Ax, Sweep the LCm around the oasis to menace the enemy Ps, drift a Ps up through the oasis to link with the LCm, and push my real attack, the Ax-Ax-Ps-CmGen group, up as far as the oasis. Meanwhile all Angry could do was tentatively push a Ps forward, get the Ax down into the open, and move his Sp-Sp-Ps column forward and begin expanding it, cramped by the need to leave room for the Ax and avoid the oasis.

In fact, those Sp were such a tempting target I gave in. With a “a short game and a merry one!” cry, I forced one Sp to fight in bad ground, and swooped on the Ax with my CmGen. I pushed my right aggressively as per original plan, pinning down the HChGen and the Assyrian Ps, but the main work was done by the CmGen and an Ax plus Ps attack force. Even when a 1 PIP move came up I just kept the pressure on, winning 4-zip.