Assyrians v Bedouin (2)

Posted on May 2, 2011


In the reverse match of game one, Assyrians got to defend their own arable ground. At last, a chance for the mighty HCh to sweep the impudent raiders away! Or not, as it turned out.

The Assyrian position was a road smack down the middle, a steep hill on the right half-way to the enemy, and a small woods nearby on the left, with plenty of space to deploy right of the woods. The Bedouin had a large gentle hill partly in their deployment zone on the right flank, and of course the steep hill on the left half-way to the Assyrian lines.

The Assyrians confidently left the wood approach unmarked, assembling a massed force in the centre and HCh-Cv-Cv to the right, ready to sweep out and around the steep hill.
The Bedouin formed foot in two columns, Ps on the left ready to run to the steep hill and Ax just right of the road ready to fan out, column-wheel right or left, or indeed take to the road. Camelry with LCm at far right lined themselves across the gentle hill’s near slope.

Early stages
My early PIPs were 1,2,4 and Angry’s were something like 4,5,4 so he had nothing to complain about in that regard as his Assyrian Cv plus HCh began swinging round the steep hill on his right and the bulk of his large central group pushed forward. I pushed my Ps forward as fast as possible and by round three I had a Ps on the steep hill. My Camelry began a fairly leisurely wheel ready to pounce as Angry’s central group showed every sign of pushing too far forward.

Middle stages
Angry countered my cheeky Ps with an Ax, climbing the side of the steep hill. I passed it by with a follow-up Ps and closed with two more. Butt of death removed both my lead Ps and his Ax. Now I was free to exert pressure and soon had the Ps crowding the HCh and Cv.

Later stages
In the centre, blithely ignoring the Cm elements upslope, Assyrian Sp pushed on down the road. A surgical strike removed their supporting Ps and after dozy-do-ing my LCm and Cm around I snapped up the remaining Assyrian Ax. In desperation the Assyrian Cv wing element charged a hillside Ps and that suicide finished the game. The Bedouin Ax were not required.