Mitanni (I/19)

Posted on November 24, 2012


This army is designed to morph with Amorites and Old Babylonians, and its Psiloi are pretty generic too. The Mitanni strength is in its Light Chariots: it has 6 including the General element. Foot were [most likely] drawn from a number of subject people that inhabited the area once conquered by Amorites. These people also moved west and were part of the Syrian and Canaanite peoples. But they would have included hillmen of the same ethnic background as Hittite peoples and lowlanders of the same ethnic background as Babylonians.

The army arrayed

These are Caesar Miniatures’ Mitanni Light Chariot’s

Four more light chariots!

Converted Egyptians by Atlantic

Khepesh-wielding Auxilia; will make a stand of Bd for Amorites

More Atlantic Egyptians, with shields, javelins and beards added

Originally Atlantic Plains Indians