The mid-size board complete

Posted on March 24, 2015


I debated with myself two issues with the mid-size board.

1. What to clad the sides in

2. Whether to add an insert to limit length to 900mm.

The mid-size board is a little too narrow to be ideal for 15mm wargaming, which has graduated from a norm of 24″ to a norm of 30″ or more. Like the small square board though, it is plenty big enough for traditional 15mm. The point about the 900mm length (or more) is that with 900mm I can drop in my larger 3D terrain pieces, and with 915mm I can spread three corkboard tile squares along it.

In the event, I went for 900mm. The sides are clad in stiff card, which is quite unsatisfactory, and which I plan to clad over with thin felt one day.


Mid-size board full shotMid-size board depth