The Long Board

Posted on March 29, 2015


The plan for the longer rectangle is to end up with a playing area of 86cm x 86cm, with storage and “army parks” on either end.

This board bows in more noticeably than the squarer versions after painting, so I glue interior wooden struts to fence off the ends.

At both ends, I glue a card flip-lip box that the local craft store sells. Useful for dice, counters and the like. That leaves a park of about 70 x 7cm. I form the park sides with sturdy card, fence it in with wooden strut, and put magnetic sheet on the park bed. This is sourced from Magnetic Solutions (NZ) Ltd, who do small hobby orders direct. Thanks Rob!

I add a second park of another 7cm with another strut across. On the whole I would rather have made two wider parks in the first place, but I let the size of the flip-lid boxes dictate width, so it’s too late to complain. I’m not sure if I will add magnetic sheet on the extra park; probably not since it won’t be needed for storage.

Light card (250gsm) is used over the end parks. This may turn out to be a bad idea. Already I can see it doesn’t wear well. I’ve got enough brown velour for the sides, which looks good and will wear well. I put the velour on today, took a couple of photos, and am sitting here with burnt fingertips, watching Australia’s quicks destroy NZ batsmen.

ROVER - longboard detail ROVER - longboard endview ROVER - longboard sideview