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Medieval Irish mounted elements – back to converting

June 21, 2015


It would have been great if RedBox had issued horse to go with the foot, but I only need seven figures anyway. There are two LH elements, which means four figures, and a cavalry option, which is three. But the LH and the Cav are completely different. For LH, I need barefoot, javelin-hurling, tunic-wearing minis […]

Medieval Irish (foot) afoot

June 14, 2015


So, one week of indoor painting. Here’s where I’m up to. I’m happy with the bases (Psiloi are done) which suggest the rich emerald green of bogs, rather than forest, which is their home terrain. I have not a single mounted mini for this army, but I have ideas for where I can find some.

Indoor Painting!

June 13, 2015


Last weekend I felt heart-sick at not having painted anything for so long. I created a little paint-workstation that is clamped onto the coffee table. Now when I sit at the far end of the sofa I have a work surface at the right height for painting. I’ve painted something every day since!