Medieval Irish mounted elements – back to converting

Posted on June 21, 2015


It would have been great if RedBox had issued horse to go with the foot, but I only need seven figures anyway. There are two LH elements, which means four figures, and a cavalry option, which is three.

But the LH and the Cav are completely different. For LH, I need barefoot, javelin-hurling, tunic-wearing minis that I could build cloaks, hoods and maybe puffy sleeves on. For Cav I’m looking for something rather similar to Breton or Norman knights. They are all riding unsaddled horses, but the lights are probably little mountain ponies and the Cav, regular size horses.

Cav Lights


LH riders are HaT Moorish riders, the horse are Atlantic 7th-cavalry mounts, minus saddles. They were modeled as 1/76th so make good ponies. These are I think my last four intact ponies from the set, many are already serving as ponies in other armies.

Cav riders are HaT El Cid Spanish, the horse are Lucky Toys Hun horses, which have a rough blanket and girth modeled but nothing else. They were remarkably large for Hun mounts (not to mention the lack of saddles!) so I’ve saved those for occasions like this.

Conversion work: The lights get hoods and cloaks and puffy sleeves, and beard-mustache face hair. The general gets mail skirts added, his pair of riders get puffy sleeves. The spanish lose their stirrups, of course. All horses get a ‘cushion’ seat-pad, and lose any girth straps. I extend the saddle blankets back a little too.

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