Medieval Irish mounted ready to mount

Posted on July 1, 2015


Meaning, the mounted (LH, Cav) are now all painted and ready to base.

In between posts the DBA3.0 rules arrive from the UK. I really like them, though the roughly ‘legal’ size book does not shelve easily. Each army list has a short explanation, which sheds a great deal of light for those that don’t already have research material. Such as me, in this case.

Thanks to this I can now judge that the approach used by Kevin Boylan here for LH, which places a ‘noble’ style mini next to a ‘kern’ style mini on the same base, is the right approach. So that’s three of normal lights and three fully-weaponed, armored types. The Cav is a little harder to judge. They are supposedly decayed Anglo-Irish, but it’s anyone’s guess how different that makes them from normal Irish warriors. It would vary over the hundreds of years the army covers, for sure.

I do a little research online for banners, and decide to adapt a heraldry example as a large war-standard, using MSPaint. Probably anachronistic but it looks good.

The 3.0 edition also tells me I can add two stands of bow-armed Ps, as options. Now it so happens that RedBox included these. To date I have assumed these are (a) too well-dressed and (b) anachronistic, but I may very well add them. They look really nice, unpainted.