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Mantic goblin archers

April 8, 2018


These little guys look quite green after some extra coloring added back. My first attempt ended up quite brown. Thanks to Army Painter green wash they can proudly take their rightful place in greenskin armies. I’m curious to find out how Heresy Miniatures goblins look against these. These five are part of a Mantic sample […]

Short review: Ultima Ratio’s 1:72 scale Chindits

July 24, 2017


Summary: They do the job, at the right scale and look, but could be so much better.   For 1:72 wargamers of the Burma WWII theatre (or roleplayers wanting some pretty cheap, sturdy tabletop accessories) Ultima Ratio offers a fresh option. Previously, for portraying allied forces, Australian infantry from Airfix was your best option. Chindits […]

Indoor Painting!

June 13, 2015


Last weekend I felt heart-sick at not having painted anything for so long. I created a little paint-workstation that is clamped onto the coffee table. Now when I sit at the far end of the sofa I have a work surface at the right height for painting. I’ve painted something every day since!