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Finished BUA pieces

April 11, 2015


The hamlet and village sections are complete now. I used carpentry quality PVA (white glue) from Gorilla to stick coloured flock around buildings to disguise gaps. In the event, I decided the existing orchard trees I have look too big against the farmhouse, so left the garden painted only. It’s a large enough open area […]

Terrain Pieces

April 7, 2015


I recently read over DBA 3.0 and am quietly satisfied to find that there are more types of terrain, and they make more sense. Whenever I build a terrain piece I’m trying to straddle at least two mounts. And since I now own the start of a 15mm army (albeit still in packs and without bases) […]

The Long Board

March 29, 2015


The plan for the longer rectangle is to end up with a playing area of 86cm x 86cm, with storage and “army parks” on either end. This board bows in more noticeably than the squarer versions after painting, so I glue interior wooden struts to fence off the ends. At both ends, I glue a […]

The mid-size board complete

March 24, 2015


I debated with myself two issues with the mid-size board. 1. What to clad the sides in 2. Whether to add an insert to limit length to 900mm. The mid-size board is a little too narrow to be ideal for 15mm wargaming, which has graduated from a norm of 24″ to a norm of 30″ […]

Canvas backs all painted

January 26, 2015


I decided that trying to work out options for painted roads and rivers was a mistake, and took advantage of the continued fine weather to finish the paint on all three canvas backs. All three have the same colours: the faded-khaki-green I mentioned as base, then stippling (using a paint-dampened sponge) with a greener version, […]

The Small Wargame Board

January 24, 2015


This is pretty much finished. I hot-glued the same brown velvety fabric around the inner border today. This time I glued the full fabric sheet and cut as I went, which got round me being crap at measuring and cutting the corners! Here’s how it looks ready for 15mm or smaller scale games. The interior […]