Heresy Miniatures vs Gamezone

April 22, 2017


With a 3rd season of To Ikkutas! on the horizon I bought a couple of Dwarf minis. Gamezone (right of photo) are offered by a number of retailers and this fellow with the twin pepper-boxes has the attraction of being in one piece. A couple of cheats have been used to get round undercuts but […]

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Solo-Micro for ANZAC Day

April 25, 2016


Having failed to get my gaming group excited enough about an extra day of gaming, I decided hey, it’s been over 2 years since my last wargame of any kind: let’s set up a solo wargame!   Now you’d think that with endless Punic-Period armies a-building, I’d run an ancients game, right? Well you would […]

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Medieval Irish IV/58 – the new elements

July 14, 2015


Suitable for both 2.2 and 3.0 ed, The third Bd element: Those chaps were picked out of the previous Ax elements. There are still plenty left – really the box has far too many heavies and far too few lights. Are you listening, RedBox?   But now by amalgamating the Ax minis those moves left, […]

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Replacement Kerns

July 12, 2015


These are the four replacement Ps, with built sleeves and jerkin-and-leine over the original tunic, ready base-coated.

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Second thoughts about those Irish Bd and Ax

July 9, 2015


I hate to mess with my nice new army, but I’m going to re-jig the Ps and Ax elements. The Ps with shields are going to be joining the other heavier-equipped kerns in the Ax; and the heavily equipped Ax are going to make a third Bd element. I’m turning to a pack of HaT […]

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Medieval Irish IV/58 – 2.2Edition

July 5, 2015


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Medieval Irish mounted are based and flocked

July 2, 2015


I think I’ll let picture do most of the talking… I got them on bases yesterday afternoon, and this evening got the boggy-green flock and two shades of grass on. Just the banner, or standard, to add tomorrow!

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